Oak Framed

Aftercare of
Your oak frame

Allow Oak to settle, in it’s own unique way.


Outbuildings will weather down naturally over time, driven by the climatic changes of the seasons.

Oak framing is a centuries old timber construction method, which offers strength, beauty and longevity. Oak is however a natural and organic material which settles into its environment in its own unique way.


Outbuildings will weather down naturally over time, driven by the climatic changes of the seasons. 

Oak frames that are a habitable building, or form part of one, where artificial heat is introduced will season quicker.

Oak is essentially maintenance free. The frame will shrink, split, shake and twist, all of which is completely acceptable, normal and in no way any detriment to the structural capabilities.

Essentially, it’s nothing to worry about, simply adding to the beauty of the frame. As the frame ages, it gains character, actually becoming stronger as it dries and the joints tighten.

Green oak contains a high tannin content, if the frame gets wet during the build, these tannins will leach out staining whatever it touches. It will eventually stop leaching and the tannins will weather off naturally. They can however be cleaned off with an acid before handover. Oak is a breathable material, which allows moisture and humidity to pass through it. Oak is also highly resistant to fungal attack & insect infestation.

The frame can be left completely untreated to age naturally with no ongoing maintenance required.


Depending on its location, this will result in it turning a silver or grey colour over time. Many people leave their frame to weather down naturally, especially on outbuildings, as they tend to blend into their natural surroundings.

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