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Paragon Oak design and construct oak roof structures for both structural and non-structural purposes, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Oak roof trusses are used in some of the world’s most historic buildings.

They can bring a feeling of elegance and warmth to any home, giving a strong and traditional look to the roof space.

However, oak roof trusses are also extremely flexible in design and are not out of place in modern, contemporary-style buildings.


Heritage Roof Trusses 

Paragon Oak have manufactured and installed heritage-style roof trusses on several projects where conservation has been of paramount importance.

We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in sourcing reclaimed timber and using age-old manufacturing techniques.

Indeed, our understanding and success in sympathetically rebuilding or extending period properties is something we are justly proud of.

bespoke oak framed roof trusses from Yorkshire
bespoke oak framed roof trusses from Yorkshire

Create the perfect living space

Paragon Oak infuses passion into every carefully crafted oak frame. Understanding the warmth, comfort & sheer beauty that an oak building provides, allowing us to immerse style and strength into any environment.

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