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Whether it be rain or sunshine, one of our oak framed gazebos will protect you from both. Our oak frames are utilised for many requirements. Some house an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area, others are to provide cover for a hot tub and some are simply to provide a seating area for friends and family to gather. Solid roofs, glazed roofs or part glazed roofs allow control and flexibility to the amount of natural light you wish to see.

Oak FramedGazebos

Paragon Oak’s accomplished craftsmanship ensures your personality shines through each sustainable oak frame as the great outdoors meets your home.

Find inspiration at your fingertips from our extensive portfolio.

Whether sheltering from the rain, entertaining guests at a garden party, covering your hot tub or providing a shady corner on the lawn, an oak-framed gazebo will turn your garden into a relaxing paradise.

Don’t worry about awkward spaces or extravagant ideas, Paragon Oak’s team of friendly designers can find a solution that perfectly suits your needs.


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Paragon Oak infuses passion into every carefully crafted oak frame. Understanding the warmth, comfort & sheer beauty that an oak building provides, allowing us to immerse style and strength into any environment.

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