Oak Framed Stables

Create a secure shelter for your horses.

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Oak FramedStables


Treat your horse to the home it deserves. With the right kind of shelter, you can relax knowing your four-legged friend is always comfortable, secure and protected from the elements.

Practicality, of course, is as important as style, and the versatility of our sustainable oak stables can result in a building that fits in with your lifestyle.

Alongside tack rooms, loose boxes and feed rooms, you might consider adding garage bays or extra storage.

But whatever design you choose, an oak-framed stable block has a proven track record, enabling it to cope with hard-wearing, day-to-day equestrian life, while sustaining a rustic appeal.


Stable Your Horses in Style

Paragon Oak infuses passion into every carefully crafted oak frame. Understanding the warmth, comfort & sheer beauty that an oak building provides, allowing us to immerse style and strength into any environment.

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Oak Framed Stables