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Before Designing Your Oak Framed Building

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Designing Oak Framed Buildings

When planning to incorporate an Oak Frame into your home or building, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure the project is achieved to the highest standard and in line with your overall vision. Here are our top 5 factors to consider before you begin designing your oak framed building.


1. Bringing your vision to life

Whether you have a fixed design, a design you would like us to enhance or a blank piece of paper, our team of designers are experts at bringing your vision to life.

Each project is unique, even with the most common structures such as garages, and therefore it is often hard for customers to visualise how their frame will look when finished.

To help, we can produce 3D drawings showcasing a bird’s eye view of the new building’s appearance –this is invaluable if customers are in any doubt about the design and it enables informed revisions to be made at an early stage.

We’re always on hand to advise, so please feel free to take advantage of our extensive industry knowledge and specialist experience with oak frames and general building.

2. Architect

Finding a good architect is essential. At Paragon Oak, we offer a full planning service to ensure not only Planning and Building Regulations are taken care of but also to ensure the building is well designed, engineered and detailed by our team of skilled craftsmen.

Don’t worry if you already have an architect in mind, we also work with and can recommend many local architects that regularly work with Oak and Timber Framed designs. Make sure to discuss your ideas freely and communicate well with your architect to ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

3. Communication

Communication is key in most scenarios but especially when it comes to designing your oak framed building. Paragon Oak’s award-winning reputation is testimony to more than 30 years of experience and knowledge. During this time we have taken pride in delivering the finest-quality design combined with exemplary customer service.

Importantly, we understand how the best solutions always come from developing a close, trusted relationship with clients. Don’t just take our word for it. Get inspired by taking a leaf from some of our delighted customers.

4. Materials

The use of other building materials is an important process in the design of your frame. Balance and how much of each material is used will be influenced by the setting in which the building sits.

We pride ourselves on having a good eye for this process and will ensure the structure doesn’t overuse any materials so it achieves that balance, the best design results and of course, customer satisfaction.

Strong, durable and versatile, an oak-framed building is like a fine wine…it gets even better with age. What’s more, at a time when it is so vital to protect the environment, all our oak is sustainably-sourced.

In most cases, we prefer to use only timber, but in some circumstances using structural steel may be necessary. Our design team will often hide this within the frame to create awe-inspiring structures which appear as if they just shouldn’t be possible.

5. Book your free consultation in advance

Once a project is designed it is difficult to ‘insert’ a frame unless the timber frame has been ‘designed in’ from the outset. There are a variety of ways to contact us with your ideas, all of which are on our contact page. Whether you have a detailed architectural drawing, a hand-drawn sketch or simply an idea of what you would like to achieve, we will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with valuable guidance and advice to ensure your project is handled with care from the offset and throughout. 

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