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4 Ways
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Spring has sprung

Bring your garden to life

Much like the rooms in our home, our gardens can be viewed as extensions of our homes and additional space that we can tailor to our tastes. Findings from a study by The National Garden Scheme in 2020 show that 92% of the people surveyed considered “their gardens and outdoor spaces were extremely important to them during the current situation in terms of health and wellbeing,” with 82% saying “they have used their gardens more” in the last 14 months.

If you too have been making the most of your outdoor space and you are searching for new and achievable outdoor projects, here are a handful of ideas to get you started.

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Welcome nature in your home

Inviting nature into your home not only encourages new life and more growth but it is also proven to boost your mental wellbeing. 


Adding a bird feeder or introducing new plants to your garden will generate a hive of activity on your doorstep which changes with the seasons. Planting wildflowers will not only welcome more bees and butterflies but will also create a perfect backdrop for your home. With these simple additions, you can escape to your very own outdoor sanctuary.


At Paragon Oak we work closely with the team at Bestall & Co, who continuously inspire us with their garden creations. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out their projects today or download your very own Inspiration Guide here: https://bestall.co/

Set the Scene

Just like decorating your home, the colour scheme you choose for your garden can create different moods in separate areas. 


By treating the plants in your garden as you would paint on an artist’s palette, you can combine and interweave your own personal canvas. Don’t feel bound to follow rules, let your creativity flow. When grouping plants, do, however, keep in mind their horticultural compatibility – whether they need similar conditions and will flower at the same time.


Grow your own 

Many of us look forward to the unmistakable taste of fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit, especially those that come from our own soil. 


It goes without saying: homegrown produce has a unique taste that you just can’t quite put your finger on! The process itself also fills you with immense satisfaction, and you are safe in the knowledge of where everything derives. What’s more, you don’t need to have lots of space to get cracking!


Alfresco Living

Now that spring is in full swing, it is a fantastic opportunity to turn that outside space (or patio) in your garden into a relaxing setting to escape to at the end of the week and enjoy those long summer nights to come. There is nothing better after a long hard week than unwinding with a nice cool drink or dining alfresco with your homegrown produce.

At Paragon Oak, we have had the pleasure of designing and constructing many oak framed gazebos and garden rooms which turn any outdoor space into a relaxing paradise. 


Don’t worry about awkward spaces or extravagant ideas, Paragon Oak’s team of friendly designers can find a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

bespoke oak framed buildings Manchester

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bespoke oak framed buildings Manchester